Finding Redemption After Christian Music Producer Stole So Much More Than Money

Songwriting Is Such a Wonderful Thing

It’s an intense and timely labor of love. Then you get to recording and songwriting looks like a walk in the park! Seriously, what a different process. Especially when it’s your first recorded. Recording a project of my own has been a touchy subject for me over the last few years. In 2012 I began writing more and more. I felt that it was time to create my first album. The title, the songs, the producer and the funds were all there. Then, I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, and my world began to change with frequent visits to the hospital and eventually, surgery, and radiation; all months before I was to be married.

One would think that you’d put those dreams on hold to get well. However, for me, music was my medicine. Worshipping and praying were my go to for everything! There was no other recourse for me. Looking back now, I am so grateful that as I was laid up on a recliner for a few weeks unable to sleep, Papa was singing over me in the darkness of my night. I began to receive the mandate for what I believe is my life calling. I am here to hasten the Day of the Return of the Lord. Yes, I know, we are all called to do this. But, there is something in the depths of who I am, that was specifically created to sing Jesus home; to provoke His zeal and stir His heart to come back to His bride! (Isaiah 42)

The Painful Process 

So, that’s what I did. I sang and wrote and prayed! As I said before, everything I needed was there. Long story short, a producer was recommended to me, and I began to work with him. Sending him bi-weekly payments to ensure that my pre-production was in full swing as I underwent radiation treatments. Little did I know, that producer wasn’t working on my music. He was pocketing my funds and ended up never completing even one track. I was crushed. Then I was angry and then embittered. I didn’t even want to hear about recording a project. I was wounded, and it significantly affected me. Others that had supported me financially and now had to hear that I got swindled, and there wasn’t even a track to show for their partnership. It became embarrassing, and I wanted nothing to do with trusting someone with my songs.

Years…like… Four Years Have Since Passed

I can’t tell you how many times over these last four years I have been asked,” Do you have a CD yet” Or how many times God has spoken prophetically and all the person has to say is, “There are CD’s (Plural) in you.” At first, it was like salt in an open wound!! I realized something…I had agreed with the failure and lies that the enemy declared over my life. I was being deceived. When that lightbulb went off, I was free and healed of all the pain that came with defeat. Yes, defeat. I had made defeat my anthem. I was afraid to step out into what I clearly knew was the Lord’s will and desire for me. I was afraid of succeeding! Thank God for His mighty deliverance!

Fast Forward to 2016

There is a burning desire in me to complete that which I endeavored upon four years ago. I am recording again!!! This time with a team of great producers, who just so happen to be like family. I fully trust them and enjoy creating & recording God’s songs with them.

There’s such a peace and strength in not knowing how it is all the finances are going to come together. There is a pillar of fire that I am following, and, when it stops; so will I. Right now, it’s moving!! So I am following it. This great adventure is beginning with a song that I wrote years ago called “1 Corinthians 13”. It’s divinely apropos to have the foundation of this project be love. Papa knew all along what He was doing. He and His plans are always good. His words and promises for our lives are always, yes and amen.

ZZ Ramirez

ZZ Ramirez

Zerimar, also known as "ZZ", and her husband Carlos and their chocolate lab Drake live in Orlando, FL. She attended and graduated from Resound School of Ministry and has been a part of the House of Prayer and Church since its inception in 2007. ZZis committed to seeing the glory of God fill the earth and hastening the day of The Lord through prayer and worship.
ZZ Ramirez


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