Tammy Shay is the Worship Director at FIRE School of Ministry, which was founded by Dr. Michael Brown. She is also the Director of FIRE Music. Graduated and ordained through Resound School of Ministry, Tammy Shay has served in different roles including: Outreach Director, Events Coordinator, UCF Worship Outreach Leader, Resound School of Ministry/FIRE School of Ministry Leadership, Inner City Ministry Staff (The ByWay), Teacher, and Worship Leader. She also leads worship and preaches the Gospel while traveling. She has recorded three albums (“The Journey”//”Jesus You’re Worthy”//”He Has Come”), along with being on multiple compilation songs/albums. Tammy’s desire is to see worshipers develop a quality of heart that far surpasses their talent. She and her husband Drew, currently live in North Carolina. They burn for souls to know their Maker.

The world is influencing all arenas of life with music. It’s time for worshipers to arise and declare the beauty of Jesus and usher in a revival of hearts like the world has never seen. When a worshiper who is abandoned to Jesus opens their mouth, hell shakes and heaven opens. God is looking…He is searching for those who aren’t trying to sound like everyone else and be like everyone else by singing the “same song,” but who, confident of who they are before Him, are willing to give themselves to Him daily and wait on Him to release the new song!

As a worshiper you can change the atmosphere of every place that you go. You are more than just a vocalist or musician; you are a voice coming from the throne of God that carries the very weight and glory of the Holy Spirit. Jesus told His disciples to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers and cast out demons. There is a high calling for each of us. He is calling. He is inviting.

There is a quality of heart that far surpasses the greatest gifting that should be cultivated in every worship leader and musician. A worshiper who knows God is a walking revelation to those who don’t. Leading worship is a lifestyle and it doesn’t turn off when the sound does.

If you are reading this I believe that God is calling you for such a time as this to express His heart to the earth. He has given us great gifts and one day soon, He will return and ask us what we did with our talents (Matthew 25:14-30). Oh…that we would all say to Him…we gave everything for Your glory!

– Tammy